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Welcome to bnaeats, your partner in weight loss and wellness in Lake Worth!


Our Team.

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Weight Loss with Exercise and Meals
weight loss in lake worth

At bnaeats, we believe that losing weight should not be a struggle. That's why we offer pre-made, healthy meals tailored to your needs. Our expert nutritionist and expert personal trainer will guide you every step of the way to ensure you stay on track. Click here to learn more about our programs and packages.

Pre-Made Meals
meal prep in lake worth

Meet the dedicated team behind bnaeats. Our nutritionist, chefs, and support staff work tirelessly to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Click here to learn more about our team members and their qualifications.

Meals + Nutritionist
weight loss in lake worth

At bnaeats, we offer a range of solutions to help you lose weight and stay healthy. From our pre-made meal plans to personalized nutrition coaching, we have everything you need to succeed. Click here to learn more about our solutions and find the one that's right for you, especially if you are located in Lake Worth where we are located!


Working with Matt Rott, MS CSCS, and Diane Kopelakis, MS RD LD, we have created services to help you lose weight correctly without compromising your energy, sleep, and workout life!
With services offering weight loss, pre-made meals, or meals, our ServSafe Chefs prep out of a commercial kitchen. Get the holistic aspect of losing weight with bnawellness, such as fitness and exercise, with our certified and insured personal trainers and group trainers at our private facility in Lake Worth off of Lantana and Jog!

Lose Weight TODAY!

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